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Welcome to our page where we are excited to share our Doodles with you!!  I've been a groomer my whole adult life and obviously a lover of dogs!  We started out breeding English Cream Golden Retrievers, they have the most wonderful temperaments of any dog I've ever had, extremely easy going and mellow, with a cancer rate in the lower 30% compared to the American Goldens or red Goldens who have an upper 60% cancer rate, but the shedding has been intense!!  And like you that's when we started to explore the Doodle idea!  And so we introduced a Fancy Standard Poodle into our lives named Max :)   We have found out what characters the Standard Poodles can be, very curious and playful!  This is how we have come to introduce these wonderful and exceptionally smart Golden Doodles to you!  My family will have spent many hours with each puppy from birth until they finally come to you!  One of our favorite things to introduce them to is swimming and we will have already worked with them a little on grooming, by playing with their paws and brushing.  Each puppy will be up to date on vaccines and worming, along with being micro chipped!  We do deliver our puppies in person to their new homes when necessary and in the event your puppy is delivered, he or she will receive a health certificate!  The parents will have had DNA genetic testing done.  Visit our web page often, when we do have puppies available we try to update pictures and videos weekly!


Teddy Bear Goldendoodles or F1 litter:  First generation have best vigor, it's a 50/50 cross.  F1 goldendoodles have the maximum shagginess and have that classic goldendoodle TEDDY BEAR look, they are also referred to as being hypoallergenic with minimal shedding!!   It takes some of our  Teddy Bear Goldendoodles puppies some time to grow their coat, so by 10 to 12 weeks you will be able to see that beautiful, soft, fluffy TEADY BEAR coat we all love :)   Both Max and Duke genetically tested FF and CC, which means their  Puppies will have wavey too curly coats with facial hair!  English Cream Golden Retrievers are known for their mellow temperament, nice big blocky heads and in addition, their cancer rate is much lower than the American Golden Retrievers!!  Teddy Bear Goldendoodles are great puppies that are easy to train, gentile and affectionate!  Our puppies will average 60 lbs as adults.  

Bandana test!


If  your interested in a Teddy Bear Goldendoodle, F1, puppy and have allergies and are unsure if these guys are a good fit for you, we can send you a bandana our puppies have been wearing and see if you have a reaction to it!!


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